Thursday, March 1, 2012

to me

After my last post, I got to thinking a lot about posers and wannabes.
I got to thinking about all those types of people that we really want to be..
We want to be the smartest and the most beautiful. We want to create the greatest music and the next big invention. We want to stay ahead of the trends, but possess all the wisdom of the people before us.
We want to be powerful, influential, significant, and popular.

Having said that, when did God become uncool? When did he become our curse words, our punching bag, and our punchline? When did he become our sugar daddy santa clause?

We struggle day after day to be something we just aren't.
But you know why we're not? Because He is.

He is the smartest, all knowing.
He is the most radiantly beautiful. The sight of his hem was enough to turn Moses' hair gray.
He is the most musical and the most innovative. Every symphony, every great invention, was God's idea first. He created minds to create. He is eternal and all powerful.
He does not just influence. He creates.. every human, every galaxy.
He is so significant, that His creation by nature must be significant.
He has the power to be popular. He definitely is famous.
But what he really wants is to be personal, to be relational to me..  to you.

...there can only be one best, and He's it.
The coolest.

So let's keep our perspective here.

And as promised, I must report that I saw a hipster in the mall.

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  1. Dear Peach,
    Great entry.
    Maybe your next blog should be called
    "Peach goes Sage."